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First name: Magni
Last name: Roberto
City: Sala Bolognese Bologna Italy
Country: Italy
Birthday: 1967-01-24
Gender: male
About me: Roberto Magni Photographer and Journalist E-mail: roberto@fotoredagency.com Roberto Magni was born in 1967 in San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna within a stone’s throw of the Lamborghini Factory. He started photography at the age of 14 with a Canon F1. From that day his passion, commitment and artistic skills have developed to give him the necessary elements to capture unforgettable moments in time. At 18, he began his photographic career, devoting himself to travel reportage, where he worked with many tour operators and magazines worldwide. In 1991, together with his partner Daniela, he founded the Foto ReD Photographers and in October 2016, they will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Foto ReD Photographic Agency.

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