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Author: Trinidad Barreras adCosmopolitan: Photos courtesy of Liz Morrison: The bevello Fashion 2017 Spring Show was an event set up to thank its loyal area, customers. It was a wonderful and colorful event that was not your average show you will see at a regular season release show. The beautiful venue was set at the bevello outlet store in a shopping center at Snider Plaza in Dallas Texas. Once you arrive at the store the interior was elegant and made you feel like you were in a beautiful spacious closet.
Once guests arrived there was a snack table set up with tasty snacks provided by Dive a local restaurant nearby the event and bevello offered refreshments of wine or water. The runway was built in the center of the store (rather small and the chairs were very close together) but the show made up for it! There was a local DJ (Jordan Bell) that played at the event and he was incredible! The style of music that was played really made an impact on the show and intensified the presentation of the program.
As the music started the models began to walk out and grab the attention of the audience immediately. Spring filled colors stamped an image in your mind as the models passed by. The models presented the clothing line rather well and made the runway shine. There was plenty of people there along with some photographers who were taking pictures of the models as they walked down the runway.
The show was an intimate performance and the style of clothing bevello has is stunning. If you are ever in the area or near a bevello store I highly recommend that you make a stop and view the beautiful clothing line. The employees are attentive and will assist you in selecting an outfit if you need assistance since there is a spectacular selection to choose from!
The website for the bevello is (Dallas, Texas)
Show was created by Leah Benzick-Sanders
DJ Jordan Bell
In-house photographers Taylor Alvarado and Jordan Hicks
Models- Contracted by the store


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