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During my travels throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the United States as a Journalist I come across many different places that I like and enjoy. I also meet a lot of different people of all cultures, races, and especially personalities. Well, this little article is about such a place and such a personality.

Just west of Miami is an area called, Tamiami. There is a fitness center, LA Fitness, located at: 14100 SW 8th St, where you not only will feel good about the atmosphere of the place but if you should happen to go in the afternoon you will have the pleasure of meeting the nicest young man in that place!
His name is: ROLO

Let me tell you about ROLO...

Whenever I'm in Miami I go to this LA Fitness because it is such a pleasure to walk on that front door and be greeted by ROLO as if you are a family member of his! This going man A L W A Y S has a smile on his face that you just have to stop and have a chat with him, you have to!

Yes, there are a couple of others I have met in there, George, who works in the mornings, he and I call each other the CULTURE, but more on that in another article. George is very nice, too.
Then there is, Diana. I've only met her a couple of times and she is SPUNKY, and also gives you a nice laugh if you say something funny, great people!

But the person of the hour here is, ROLO, you just have to stop by and make sure you chat with this young man, you will not be disappointed!!

I'm asking all of you who read this piece to go by, check out the place and MAKE SURE you all ask for ROLO and tell him that you have heard so much about him that you just had to meet him!

To all three of these young people that work in this place my hat goes off to then for such amazing work and above all ...their PERSONALITIES!

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