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As a Journalist who travels the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in my vehicle, I stop for quick bites at many, many fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, etc. I have met a lot of folks during these travels and very nice ones at these restaurants but, and that is a big but, I have never come across like the employees at the TAMIAMI BURGER KING, situated at 12500 SW 8th St, Miami Florida. I will start with the employees I deal with all the time, and I say all the time because they have become like a family to me for the way they treat you as a customer. There is nothing more relaxing than to come to a restaurant, whether for coffee or a meal, and know they treat you special!
I will start with JACKIE: She is a young woman who lives way down south of this restaurant and she has to be here sometime between 4 AM and 5 AM yet she manages to always have a smile on her face no matter what! She always treats you with the most friendly hello you will ever see!!! This young lady is a true professional who knows how to take care of her customers!
Next we go to: JOANNA. This employee is also one with an amazing smile that will make you want to order a meal even if you just came in for coffee! Wonderful attitude and also very helpful!
Finally, we come to: LESLIER. He is the employee who takes care of making sure the restaurant and its surroundings are always clean...and clean they always are!!! The moment you set foot in this restaurant you can see yourself on the floor, that is how clean he keeps this lobby. If you have to make a pit stop in the restroom, you can visit with no fear of dirt, missing paper, missing soap, or any essentials because he is always on top of everything!
Do not take my word for it, if you are in the area I ask you to stop by, say hello to them, and tell them Tony told you about them and the great job they do every single day...and do not forget to thank them for their service!!
Jackie, Joanna, and Leslier, keep up the good work you do because even if your managers do not recognize it, we the people do!!!!

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