Media SHOWSTOPPERS 2023: The Premier Press Event during the CES (Bellagio Hotel Ballroom, 1/5/23, 1800PST) 20

SHOWSTOPPERS 2023: The Premier Press Event during the CES (Bellagio Hotel Ballroom, 1/5/23, 1800PST) 20 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=8759
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Las Vegas, Nevada (1/5/23: 1800 PST): ShowStoppers 2023 was the premier press event held during the 2023 CES on Thusday evening, 1800PST, 1/5/23 at the Bellagio Grand Ballroom. This was the main opportunity for various companies, domestic and international, to showcase their new and innovative products firsthand to invited media attendees of the CES. There were over 80 exhibitors featured but this is a brief description of some of examples of the most innovative companies in this event in the three (3) following categories in parallel with the central themes of the 2023 CES: 1. ELECTRIC MOBILITY, 2. CONSUMER ROBOTICS, and 3. PRIVATE ENCRYTED CLOUD. The ShowStoppers press conference on Tuesday, 1/3/23, started with the introduction of several Japanese companies participating in JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). One company stood out, in particular, with regards to ELECTRIC MOBILITY: KOMA and the world premier of the TATAMEL BIKE. This bike is a foldable and portable electric bike. It had a 30 km cruising range on a single charge of 3 hours with regular home outlets, lightweight coming in at 50kg, "transformable" inspired by Japanese toys to fold into a suitcase size to fit under a desk and equipped with 10-inch wheels and suspension in the front a large diameter mono-suspension in the rear. In case of emergencies, this foldable bike can also be used as a portable power supply. The concept specs in the Riding Mode (unfolded) were: Height 1000mm, Length: 1230mm, Width 650mm, in the Folding Mode (folded): Height 690mm, Length: 690mm and Width 260mm. Secondly, two (2) companies stood out commercializing CONSUMER ROBOTICS. 1. AIPER: is a global company dedicated to developing innovative robotic pool cleaners. During the Showstoppers 2023, four (4) robotic pool cleaners were introduced: A. SEAGULL PRO ($899.99): cordless, robotic with an extended battery life of up to 3 hours providing a deep and underwater clean for any pool up to 3,200 sq. ft. It has a world first quad-motor system which allows it to efficiently suck dirt, sand, leaves and hair in the pool floor. Additional technologicl features includea signature "WavePath" Navigation Technology allowing systematic underwater pool cleaning in a wave pattern increasing cleaning surface area as opposed to competitors' random pattern. It has three (3) separate modes: floor cleaning, wall cleaning using wall climb and auto-mode, B. SEAGULL PLUS ($399.99) and C. SEAGULL SE ($299.99): the Seagull Plus and Seagull SE are more affordable robotic cleaning solutions debuting at the SS 2023. For the Seagull Plus, the battery charges in 2.5 hours with a run time of about 2 hours. These are designed for smaller pools at around 1,300 sq. ft. For the Seagull SE, it is desgined for smaller pools up 850 sq. ft. The battery charges in 2.5 hours with a run time of about 1.5 hours. Both products also have these advanced and innovative features: self-parking, dual motors, LED indicators and a convenient nylon holding tray to do away with the extra expense of purchasing disposable bags. and D. ELITE PRO ($799.99): is a special edition product for 2023. Separate from the Seagull series mentioned above, the Elite Pro is an budget friendly alternative to the Seagull Pro and is optimized with wall cleaning ability, lightweight and dual-motor system with strong suction for deep cleaning. The battery charges in 2 hours and a run time of 2 hours for pools up to 1,300 sq. ft. 2. ROBOSENSOR: is an advanced technology company focused on the most innovative and enjoyable robotic experiences specializing in servo-motor actuators, robotic arms and auto-converting robotic technologes with over 15 years of experience. Examples shown during SS 2023 were the following: A. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: authentic light-year design, smart conversational voice interactions, 23 high-precision servo motors, programmable with 4 operating modes, 200 plus original sounds and  actons, OTA updates with unlimited downloads, premium quality full pack alpha suit and licensed by Disney/Pixar; B. ELITE OPTIMUS PRIME; auto-conversion, voice and app interaction, 27 precision servo motors, 150 plus original sounds and actions, programmable with 3 modes, authentic G1 design and licensed by Hasbro, C. FLAGSHIP OPTIMUS PRIME: auto-conversion, vocie and app interactions, 150 plus original sounds and actions, 4 programmable operating modes, authentic G1 design and licensed by Hasbro, D. INTERSTELLAR SCOUT: K1 is the world's most advanced personal, programmable entertainment robot with 17 servo motors with voice instructional command ability: walk, talk, run and do a flip. Third and finally is the area of PRIVATE SECURED CLOUD: the LATTICEWORK, INC., based in San Jose, CA, highlighted their entry-level private cloud: AMBER X and the professional level private cloud: AMBER PRO. Amber X features include: camera back-up to free up space, shared access at home or on the go, AI to organize images and remove duplicates, integrated SD card reader, fast SSD performanc and expandable storage. Amber PRO features all the Amber X offerings (except integrated SD card reader) along with a built-in high speed WiFi Router, App Store with Docker support andd RAID Disk Protection. (All Texts and Live Photographs by Rene Zamora, Newsmexx, Henderson, Nevada USA; High resolution pictures were from ShowStoppers 2023 Press and Media Kit from individual companies mentioned in the text).

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