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As a traveling journalist I am on the road alot and most of the times i do not have too much time to spend on a restaurant so i usually make my stops at fast food joints, especially at McDonald's. Traveling between North Carolina and South Florida for most of my stories McDonald's has become my favorite go to placeto get a meal.

On Friday June,22nd, 2018 at about 8pm on my way down to Homestead to cover a story I stopped at a newly renovated McDonald's located on S.W. 183rd Street and U.S. 1 and i was amazed and very , very pleased at the service and care provided by this restaurant!

I had the pleasure of speaking with the manager on duty that night, Shameka, who has been managing the place for the last 18 yearsand she tells me the franchisee is the best boss ever! Also spoke with a couple of the employees to get their input and they were as amazing as their manager.

If you are ever in South florida you must stop by this McDonald's!!

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