Media IAA (International Automobile Austellung) Mobility 2023: Summit, Conference and Open Space, Munich, Germany 22

IAA (International Automobile Austellung) Mobility 2023: Summit, Conference and Open Space, Munich, Germany 22 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=8853
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Munich, Germany (4 September to 10 September, 2023): After nearly 70 years of the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, the 2023 version of the IAA Mobility was the second iteration after a very successful debut of the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. The logistical setup was fairly similar to what it was two years ago. IAA Mobility was divided into two (2) major areas: IAA Mobility 2023 Summit and Conference at the Messe Munich and the IAA Mobility 2023 Open Space at the downtown Munich area. Monday, 4th of September 2023, was the reserved for the Media day with all day press conferences held at the Messe Munich which was a 10km shuttle ride from the Open Space area from downtown Munich to the Messe Munich. On 5th September, Chancellor Olaf Scholz made the made the speech for the grand opening of the IAA Mobility 2023 at the Messe Munich. From 5 September to 10 September, the IAA 2023 Open Space was open to the public and was highlighted by first and surprising exhibitor Tesla (rather unusual as this company rarely exhibits in car shows), and major electric car companies Rimac (demonstrating the Nevera, the fastest EV on the planet) and Lucid. Mercedes Benz exhibited its Nurburgring record-breaking Mercedes AMG ONE (Formula 1 inspired Turbo-hybrid engine) as well as the new CLA concept car. Fisker, at its downtown Munich showroom, debuted the Fisker PEAR for the first time. Every night was also highlighted by live concerts at the Open Space in the exhibit area. The general theme for IAA Mobility 2023 was a clear dichotomy: Traditional German Carmakers versus Chinese Electric Mobility Domination. Examples of major Chinese companies exhibiting and not in order of size were: BYD, LeapMotor, Xpeng, Nio and NOBO were just some of the numerous examples. This seems to set up a so-called "perfect storm" wherein Europe's major carmakers, not just the big ones in Germany, are facing major challenges from the Chinese for their widening lead in the shift to electric mobility due to affordability. Not to be overshadowed at this year's show was the constant reminder of anti-industry and anti-government prortests under the headline "Block IAA" which came to a head on the last day, 9/10/23. Climate activists seen regularly throughout the show due to the persistent reliance of European carmakers to ICEs and SUVs. Clearly, the number of Chinese exhibitors was very evident at the IAA 2023: it has doubled compared to two years ago emphasizing their own ambitions to challenge major European carmakers at their home turf: BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen Group, Fiat, Peugeot and Opel. The former were making it difficult for these latter companies to compete in the lower end and much more affordable entry level Chinese electric cars entering the European market space. The main reason: Chinese automaker's lead in battery technology, digitalization and product automation as was clearly evident at the IAA Mobility 2023. Therefore, the "perfect storm" had been brewing as the established European carmakers may presently be doing fine but majo challenges lie ahead due to the strong domestic competition in China for far more advanced electrification and digitalizaiton at the global scale while it transitions to European soil in the very near future. (All photographs and text by: Rene Zamora, Newsmexx, Reporter and Photographer, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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