Media Dallas Texas Underground Artist "RichEssay" is making new waves in the music scene...

Dallas Texas Underground Artist "RichEssay" is making new waves in the music scene... /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=6708
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Tell us about RichEssay MGG, how did the name RichEssay MGG come about as your stage name?
I came up with Rich Essay as my stage name because RICH stands for Respected, Independent, Consistent, Hustler. “RICH” represents who I am as an artist… And “ESSAY” … stems from me being Mexican and down south in Texas we are called Essays…. that put together means RICH ESSAY.
Where did you grow up?
I Grew up in the South-East area of Dallas which is called Pleasant Grove. If you’ve been down there before it really isn’t pleasant at all... it’s a high crime rate area.
 I grew up on a lot of stuff that a normal kid shouldn’t have to be around but at that time it was where we lived and what my family could afford...
Around 6th grade, I moved to a better area with my grandparents which was way different from where I was and it was a huge change in my life. It took some time to adjust but it was a better place for me as for what my grandparents said, “to prevent me from getting into all types of trouble and away from all the things that could or would lead me to problems.”
What is your musical background?
I’ve been doing music since I was around the age of 15 years old, I started recording on a cell phone in my garage with a couple of friends but wasn’t really taking it seriously until my uncle started to push me to do more with it. I started going to the studio with him to watch him record his songs and I really learned a lot from the experience. As soon as he thought I was ready, I recorded my first song with him and after that, I took off doing more songs and performances at local clubs.
What places or cities have you performed for?
At the age of 16, I started performing at local clubs which include Club Pryme, Malibu and numerous others that I can't name at the top of my mind, I’ve performed at a bar in Austin, Texas on 6th Street which was a wonderful experience. I’ve also opened for Kap G at the House of Blues in Downtown Dallas. I also have some upcoming performances at the Dub Car Show September 17th and Kap G concert in November 2017.
What do you think of the hip-hop scene in Dallas Texas?
I think the hip-hop scene in Dallas is growing quickly, but there's really no leaders or guidance to set a path to follow. There is a lot of hate in the city and I really think that's a reason Dallas hasn’t had its full potential yet, it's like you must be or act a certain way to get a little recognition if that at all.
Who do you collaborate with?
I collaborated with many artists from within MGG and one of the hottest in Dallas right now, Young OG. I also collaborate with other artists who is willing to pay the price I charge whether it be a verse/hook and if they're serious about their craft. I am all about keeping creativity alive and ok with collaborating but if I see they don’t have anything going for them it is a waste of my time.
In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?
My music has changed in many ways, back then I really didn’t have a sound or a voice you could say. I didn’t care about quality just as long as I could drop a track and get onto the next one as soon as possible but now that's all changed I’m very picky about it all. I could literally sit in the booth and redo a verse a whole night just to get it how I want it to be.
What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?
The inspirations come from the heart. If I feel like I’m going to speak it, if I lived it, I’m going to write about it and put it in a song, simple as that.
What would be your dream venue in which to perform?
The Cowboys stadium in front of thousands of people would be a dream venue for me to perform because I am from Dallas and it would be a childhood dream.
When did you first know you had the gift of music / when did you begin rapping?
I began rapping at the age of 15, I've always known I had a talent for music I just really never did anything with it until my peers told me to use my talent so I did which in a short time has gotten me a long way, music really runs in the family so it was just bound to open up to me.
How would you describe the current "underground music scene"?
The underground scene is underground for a reason it's more realistic. The underground music scene speaks more truth as to say for the mainstream which tends to stray away from all of that, right now it's hard to make it as an underground artist and being played on radio stations especially in Dallas Texas.
What responsibility do you feel an artist has in addressing social issues in their music?
I feel like me as an artist, I have a voice to speak for others that can’t. I have an advantage because people will listen to what I’m saying in my music and even if one person hears what I’m saying I have the possibility of impacting their life.
You just made your 1st million, what are you spending your money on?
First off, I would buy an affordable nice house for my baby momma and daughter to stay at and a vehicle for them. I would also then help my parents with any bills that would need to be paid because you know Family First! After all that, I would Invest the rest of the money in my music & put money to the side to fall back on later if needed.
Who would you consider your targeted audience?
A majority of my audience are teenagers and young kids & some grown folks, but good music with a story that they can relate to will bring everybody in.
What would you like to say to your day 1 fans?
Thank you for all the support and love that Y'all have been giving me in such a brief time, we still got a long way to go but know that I see everything and it will not go unnoticed. I love y’all & I wouldn’t be able to do this without Y'all!!

Check out RichEssay on his social media links below and throughout the interview. We have done hundreds of interviews throughout the world on artist and this young man is unique. He has that spirit of a go-getter and his talent really comes from the heart. You don’t want to miss anything this guy has planned for you!

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