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This is an article I felt compelled to write. When I was asked to write something about a place, business or someone I felt worthy of complimenting, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!


Living between North Carolina and South Florida I travel a lot and I see lots of places and meet lots of people. Why deny it, I like to mingle!

This is one place I visit a little more often than other in South Florida because it's where my Doctor is at.
But I want to start with the one single person that I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing for a few years, and her name is: DOLLY

DOLLY, is the sweetest, most lovable, attentive, caring, and professional young woman you will ever meet!
She is at the front desk always watching out for the patients, always treating them with the utmost respect and care you will ever see!
So much so, that when I need any of my medications or I have a problem I don't need to speak to my Doctor at all, just hearing what she says automatically cures me!!

I truly believe that the only real reason I've stayed at this place so long is because of her: she has some sort of magical power that will soothe you immediately!
Knowing how wonderful she is I think, no, I know, sometimes I go overboard telling her what I have and think and she takes it like a grain of salt!
DOLLY, I love you!

Next, we go to, Melissa. She is my number two person, although I don't see her anymore like I used to because she has moved from the front desk. But, let me tell you she is absolutely amazing, too!
I love you too Melissa!

Finally, Dr. Garcia. She changed my life like no other Doctor ever did. When I found out I had type 2 diabetes, she sat with me and told me: you can beat this, you can reverse this PROBLEM. She gave me a pep talk on how much older than me people reversed it I had to listen.
In three months my A1C went from 6.7 to 5.9 because of what she did for me!
She truly is an amazing Doctor!

So, there you have it. I would like to ask any of you who read my article and when you are in South Florida, especially Homestead, please, do stop by and say hello to these amazing human beings at: CareCross Medical Center on Krome Ave.
Tell them I say hi and let them know I told you how great they are!

From the bottom of my heart I thank all three of them:

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