Media ANUGA 2019: Celebrating 100 years of ANUGA on the pulse of time and the Taste of PARAGUAY (Biennial Fair, Koelnmesse) 27

ANUGA 2019: Celebrating 100 years of ANUGA on the pulse of time and the Taste of PARAGUAY (Biennial Fair, Koelnmesse) 27 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=7667
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COLOGNE, GERMANY (5 October to 9 October 2019): The year 2019 marks an important year for ANUGA because the world's most important exhibition of the food and beverage industry celebrated its 100th anniversary. To commerate this very special occassion, a brand new webpage called "100 years of ANUGA" provides a comprehensive insight on the most improtant and significant milestones of the Allgemeine Nahrungs-Und Gemussmittel Austellung (English translation: General and Luxury Food Exhibition) or ANUGA for short, in the last century. Historcal pictures, film materials and documents highlight the development of trade fair while illustrating at the same time the 100 year history of the leading global trade fair of the food industry. The special webpage is as follows: Also of important note, the ANUGA partner country for 2019 is PARAGUAY: a country in the heart of South America characterized by livestock breeding and agriculture being the largerst exporters of these products noted worldwide for their quality.The cultivation of Mate tea was begun by the Guarani people and 2019 marks the third time the Paraguayan Mate Producers Association participated in ANUGA. The capital of Paraguay is Ascuncion, one of the oldest cities in South America. For the future, Paraguay will concentrate on the exportation of Mate Tea, Stevia and Soya to Western Europe and the Middle East. The following new trends were noted in this year's show: 1. Functional and "Free-from" food products; 2. Halal food; 3. Kosher products; 4. Non-GMO food products; 5. Organic products; 6. Products with protected designation of origin; 7. Ready-to-eat products; 8. Superfoods: high nutritional value; and finally, 9. Products based on fair trade; The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday, 5 October 2019 with speeches from the following important individuals in the German and Paraguayan food and beverage industry, in their respective order: 1. Henriette Reker: Mayor of Cologne, Chairwoman of Supervisory Board of Koelnmesse; 2. Armin Lashet: Minister President of  the State of North-Rhine Westphalia; 3. Dr. Wolfgang Ingold: Chairman of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries; 4. Friedhelm Dormseifer: President of the Federal Association of the German Food Trade; 5. Julia Klockner: Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture; 6. H.E. Liz Cramer Campos: MInister of Industry and Commerce; and finally, 7. Gerald Bose: President and CEO of Koelnmesse. H.E. Hugo Velazquez, Vice President of Paraguay, was also present to receive a special gift which was a book commemorating the 100th year anniversary of ANUGA at the end of the opening ceremonies. Finally, Mr. Didier Olmedo, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs of Paraguay, discussed the June 2019 economic relations between Paraguay and Germany in the context of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement. As discussed in the panel, the EU-Mercursor Free Trade Agreement is a bilateral deal which opens 100% EU trade and 90% Mercusor (English translation: Southern Common Market or Trade bloc) trade from its main and founding member, participating countries, i.e. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. (All texts and photographs by Rene Zamora, Newsmexx TV, Reproter/Photographer, Henderson, Nevada, USA).

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