Media 2023 SEMA and AAPEX Show: Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and Venetian Expo 28

2023 SEMA and AAPEX Show: Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and Venetian Expo 28 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=8930
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Las Vegas, Nevada (October 30 to November 3, 2023): The 2023 Annual SEMA and AAPEX Shows once again started at the LVCC (1031/23 to 11/3/23 for SEMA) and the Venetian Expo (10/31/23 to 11/2/23 for AAPEX). This report is a summary of the major features and highlights of both shows respectively. The 2023 SEMA Show started on Monday afternoon, 10/30/23, for the annual and traditional Monday Vehicle Reveal Show as well as the announcement of the 2023 Top Trending Vehicles. The 2023 winners of the prestigious Top Trending Vehicles were: 1. CAR OF THE YEAR: Ford Mustang; 2. FULL SIZE TRUCK OF THE YEAR: Ford F-Series; 3. MID-SIZE TRUCK OF THE YEAR: Toyota Tacoma; 4. 4x4/SUV OF THE YEAR: Ford Bronco; 5. SPORT COMPACT OF THE YEAR: Nissan Z and finally, 6. ELECTRIC VEHICLE OF THE YEAR: Ford Lightning. As a review, the prestigious annual SEMA awards are presented to exhibiting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to recognize automakers for supporting the aftermarket with vehicle platforms that encourage customization. SEMA award winning vehicles set worldwide trends for the automotive enthusiast and these awards recognize the best vehichles that allow opportunities for customization. At the same time, this event opens the four (4) day show that allows business-to-business trade with thousands of uniquely modified vehicles. As manufacturers invest more in these award winning vehicles show in the SEMA Show, all consumers benefit from greater options in accessorizing these vehicles. Other highlights and reveals of the 2023 SEMA Show include: 1. FINALE SPEED (CANDY CARBON FIBER 1969 CHEVY CAMARO): a premier custom car manufacturer and restorer debuted the next iteration of the 1969 carbon-fiber CAMARO painted in a striking shade of candy red with TV personality, Mr. Chris Jacobs. The car is the first colored carbon car by the builder using a combination of BASF candurit candy red paint and unique paint gun techniques to give a 3D and high-contrast look to the carbon weave. It took 3,000 build hours resulting in a menacing muscle car look with a very modern drivetrain and a strong and lightweight property of the carbon-fiber body. 2. RING BROTHERS: the world renowned custom car builders and manufacturers unveiled 3 custom builds in the 2023 SEMS Show. A. "TUSK: 1969 DODGE CHARGER": every piece of the Tusk is customized to commemorate the 1,000hp of this rare and powerful car. This featured a Hellephant set 2.5" inch back, lengthened wheelbase, custom cowl and firewall and finally, extended rockers and fenders. B."PARAMOUNT: 1961 ROLLS ROYCE SILVER CLOUD II": this is a transformed 1961 Rolls-Royce into a 640hp machine on par with any modern grand tourer while maintaining the comfort and luxury of the marque. This included a custom built chassis, hand-built floor pans and "starlight" headliners and finally, C. "UNCAGED 1965 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE": reimagination of the original 1965 Ford Mustand by streamlining the body and widening one inch on each side to improve aesthetics and stance. Every body panel has been fitted to the wider look along with a completely modern chassis, suspension and drivetrain. This year was unique in that the entire lower level of the Venetian Expo was dominated by Joe's Garage. Highlights of the 2023 AAPEX Show were the following: 1. AAPEX SERVICE AWARD WINNERS: A. SERVICE ADVISOR OF THE YEAR: Sparks Tire & Auto, St. Charles, MO, Mr. Gregory Damon; B. TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR: CarMax, West Sahara, Las Vegas, NV, Mr. Michael Miller and finally, C. SHOP OWNER OF THE YEAR: Roy Foster's, Reno, NV, Mr. Roy Foster. 2. EV EXPERIENCE STATE PRESENTATIONS: Examples included a presentation of various EV chargers and their compatibility with the modern EV vehicles. Mr. David Dobbs, of Delphi, gave a presentation explaining the various different charger heads and their compatibility with existing DC and supercharge infrastructures.3. 2023 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE PRESS CONFERENCE: Taiwan Excellence Pavillion at AAPEX 2023 represented the best and most innovative Taiwanese companies and exporters with regards to the technologically advanced automotive systems and components. The press conference for the 2023 AAPEX Show was done by Ms. Vicki Chiu who is the project manager for TAITRA (TAIWAN EXTERNAL TRADE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL) which is the foremost non-profit and semi-governmental trade promotin organization in Taiwan. Innovators included AI, Internet of Vehicles, Automotive safety and security and EVs. This was exemplified with four presenting Taiwanese companies who have excelled and therefore, each had won the prestigious TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD: A. CHIMEI MOTOR: presentation made by Ms. Cynthi Hsu, Sales Manager of Chimei Motor Electronics. Chimei is an automotive safety systems innovator. During the press conference, they introduced 2 new products: 1. BLIND SPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM which uses advanced AI recognition technology to alert drivers and avoid collisions and 2. DRIVER BEHAVIOR DETECTION SYSTEM which monitors the driver's state and issues signs when the driver shows signs of dangerous behavior such as drowsiness and distractios; B. CUB: presentation made by Ms. Alice Wang, Sales Manager of CUB. CUB is a global leader in electrical parts. CUB introduced 2 new products.1. TURN ASSIST AND BLIND SPOT DETECTION SYSTEM and 2. INTEGRATED TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM; C. EVERFOCUS: presentation made by Mr. Gary Chen, Product Sales Manager of EverFocus. EverFocus is a global provider of smart security and smart transporation solutions. They introduced 2 new products: 1. SMARTER AI MIRROR which alerts drivers with voice and visual warnings in the blind spot to prevent accidents with cyclists and pedestrians and 2. MOBILE DVR which records video footage of car surroundings to enhance security and surveillace; and finally, D. MiTAC DIGITAL: presentation made by Mr. Paul Lee, Sales Manager of MiTAC Digital.  They are an IoV next generation company to create smarter dashcams for road navigation, peace of mind and increased performance. They introduced the new MIOEYE K-SERIES which is a real-time in-vehicle warning mechanism and bidirectional communication system to revolutionize fleet management and driver behavior. Finally, all new this year was the SEMA Fest which was closing celebration of the end of the 2023 SEMA Show held on the last day of the show, Friday, 11/3/23. (All texts and photographs by Rene Zamora, Reporter and Photographer, Newsmexx, Henderson, NV USA)

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