Media 2022 PGA Merchandise Show: Virtual Coverage of the Live Show at the Orange County Conventin Center 3

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Orlando, Florida (January 25 to 28, 2022): The 2022 PGA Merchandise Show was finally held as hybrid (live and virtual) show with the first live exhibitions and seminars since the Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2021 live show. This years show was preceded by the highly anticipated driving range exhibition at the Orance County National Center (OCNC) facility off-site on Tuesday (1/25/22), similar to previous live shows up until the 2020 version. The 2022 PGA Show in Orlando continued on its commitment to increasing diversity in golf. This commitment is nothing new and in fact, has been evolving for a number of years. For example, in the 2018 show, the show sponsored a lunch and guided tour of the annual event to a very diverse group of about 30 suppliers and exhibitors. In the subsequent years of 2019 and 2020, the guided tour was expanded to several educational sessions and a networking reception to increase diversity. In 2022, through these networking events, the founder of the African American Golfers Expo (AAGE), Mr. Jim Beatty, was present. This allowed the show team to sponsor the expo and give a specfic discount to AAGE new exhibitors at this years show. The PGA Show also hosted the AAGE Show in Orlando with a meeting room and networking reception. During this reception the PGA Show received an outstanding recognition for actions on diversity, equity and inclusion in the inaugural AAGE Expo and Forum. As expected, the 2022 PGA Show spotlighted new products and innovations in the 2022 New Product Zone. As usual, new products were displayed and judged by a selected panel of PGA professionals and golf buyers. The judges presented three (3) winners in this years show: 1. BEST MARKETING: Incenerartor Golf Ball (Kelken Enterprises); 2. BEST INNOVATION: Training Aid (Stance Caddy); and finally, 3. BEST IN SHOW: The Runner Putter. Also in the 2022 Show, the National Golf Foundation (NGF) highlighted three (3) important trends over the past 2 years given the background of the pandemic: 1. Golf participation has grown by leaps and bounds: at least 8% to 10% over the last 3 years; 2. Off-course play has become more popular amongst young players, women and non-white players increasing diversity; 3. On-course play has increased diversity over the last 5 years. Finally, as in the past annnual PGA show, the much anticipated PGA Fashion Show returned with multiple participants which totaled twelve (12) apparel participants this year. Bailee Chamblee reprised her role as the emcee and host of the annual fashion show. Examples of participants included: Scales Gera, Kilo Tango, Birdies and Bows, Antigua, Harlestons (NEW), Swannies, Cravin', Bella Bella, Specturm, Katherine Way, Ibkul and Hot Girls Pearls. All these presentations emphasized one main theme: materials with a purpose such as moisture-wicking, UV protection and functional fashion. For exampe, these were highlighted by first-time exhibitors like Harlestons. Zero Friction also had three (3) brand new products premiering in the 2022 PGA Show: 1. THERATEC GOLF GLOVE: created with world renowned medical expert, Dr. Conor O'Brien who emphasized the additional padding to prevent hand injuries and complications; 2. TURFTEE:  a brand new hybrid product which contained a two prong fork at the bottom of the tee to allow for ball mark repair; and finally, 3. WHEEL PRO PUSH CART GOLF BAG: a hybrid 3 in 1 one multifunctional push and pull golf cart bag. Zero Friction has become one of the most innovative companies in the past annual PGA Shows including this one in 2022. (All texts by Rene Zamora: Reporter/Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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