Media 2017 Product Review: IK Multimedia's iKlip AV (Launched during the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada) 2

2017 Product Review: IK Multimedia's iKlip AV (Launched during the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada) 2 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=6524
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iKlip AV Review: I first encountered a prototype of IK Multimedia's iKlip AV (iKlip A/V: at the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. I visited IK Multimedia's booth and saw this device which I thought was very clever and useful for busy journalists and photographers such as myself who desire professional and high quality audio and video output in the field. Although most professionals do shoot audio and video with a modern DSLR, most smartphones nowadays are very capable of producing equivalent results without the obvious bulk and weight of the former. As a matter of fact, most smartphones can now shoot 4K video output as well as slow motion without a problem. However, there are still two challenges encountered with the modern smartphone that the DSLR still has advantages over it. First, camera shake with the phone is inevitable due to lack of a tripod facility and lack of integrated image stabilization software and second, the inability of inputing professional and high quality audio into the phone. So, when I saw the iKlip AV prototype at the 2016 CES, I immediately concluded that the iKlip AV solves these two issues efficiently therefore allowing and escalating the audio/video output of the regular run of the mill smartphone close to professional levels. Now, to the specifics. The iKlip AV comes in a box with essentially six (6) to be assembled components: 1. Main Strut: made of metal and an ergonomic plastic handle which houses the two (2) AA battery compartment and power switch; 2. Plastic expandable Smartphone holding bracket; 3. Plastic wireless receiver suppport; 4. Cable adapter to connect the Smartphoneto the Audio I/O jack housed in main strut; 5. Two (2) AA batteries; 6. Step-by-step manual to assemble the iKlip AV. After opening the box and unpacking the contents, it took me a total time of one (1) minute to assemble the iKlip AV, mount my Smartphone and plug my wired microphone: it was that simple! The iKlip AV works seamlessly with the iPhone or any Android smartphone. The main reason for this universality is that the microphone preamp plugs directly into the phone via a 1/8" TRRS analog jack so any device that fits in the expandable bracket or tripod/camera mount will be able to produce professional broadcast audio output. The integrated microphone preamp with phantom power allows the user to also use an external microphone (wired or wireless) for high quality audio capture. Simply plugin the micophone into the XLR input on the top of the main strut and then plug the 1/8" TRRS cable into the phone's headphone jack and we are done. The two (2) AA batteries included also provide 48V power which can serve as phantom power for the mic. Audio recording is guarranteed because of real-time monitoring and gain control options on the main strut with an input gain knob and 1/8" headphone output all built-in the plastic handgrip. Other features to ensure stability of the phone is the expandable holding bracket that can hold a phoene with a screen size from 3.5" to 6". The standard UNC 1/4"-20 female threads on the underside of the main strut allows the user to attach the iKlip AV to a monopod or a tripod for added stability. At the same time, iKlip AV is compatible with popular mobile video recording apps like Apple's camera app or third party Android apps such as FilMiC Pro. In summary, iKlip AV is the complete solution for high quality and professional audio and video recording with these five (5) key features: 1. XLR mic preamp with phantom power and gain; 2. Intergrated wireless receiver support; 3. 1/8" TRRS analog output; 4. Headphone output for real-time monitoring; and 5. Standard UNC 1/4"-20 tripod and camera mount threads. The iKlip AV retails for $US 179.99 at IK Multimedia's website, IK Multimedia: IK Multimedia is a multinational company with its main headquarters in Italy and the UK and subsidiary offices in Sunrise, Florida, USA. (All texts and photographs by: Rene Zamora, Photographer and Journalist, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada USA).

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