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SENJI Mu6 Smart Noise-canceling headphones: Preliminary Product Review and 2018 Indiegogo Early Bird Promotion (until 12/7/18) 9 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=7210
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Los Angeles, CA (November 19, 2018): On November 7, 2018, Senji launched a top performing smart noice-canceling heaphone known as the Mu6. I interviewed Ms. Minming Gu (Senji Co-founder) today via Skype from Los Angeles for a live product demonstration. The Mu6 is a top performing hybrid active noise canceling headphone at a fraction of the price of large name brands. Two of its advanced features are its customizable Hearing Optimization technology and application available in the Google Android play store and the Apple istore for unique personalization and a unique Magnetic Wireless charging stand (shown in the pictures). Audio lab tests were conducted versus top brand name ANC heaphones and the Mu6 perfomed equivalently even to the Bose QC35. Mu6 has dual microphones on the exterior and interior as well as a high-density foam in the cuffs to block a broad range of effective noise from 2500 to 20000 Hertz. When users want to hear the ambient surroundings, they can wave on the Transparency Mode which enables them to hear backgroound sound. Mu6 is the very first pair of headphones to include a Wireless Charging stand with magnetic power contact. Also, the Hearing Optimization software in the application customizes the listeners' hearing capability on different frequencies thereby customizing the music they hear to their own ears. Furthermore with the Mu6, listeners can use the application to select the desired EQ settings. To activate the Transparency Mode, the Smart Touch and Talk will be enabled by a simple wave of the hand. Additional features include Auto Pause and Play which pauses music when the cuffs are removed by using infrared sensor technology causing fewer mistakes. According to Ms. Gu, when "listeners are commuting or trying to concentrate, the noise canceling feature is a must have and the new Mu6 from Senji is the most promising solution to date for noise cancellation, customization, flexibility and personalization without compromising sound quality." Senji Companies  is a consumer electorics company with offices in CA, TX and Shenzhen, China. The Senji team has invested two (2) years in developing the Mu6. If they have a booth at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, hopefully we will have a chance to test the Mu6 live in person. The Mu6 is now available until December 7, 2018 for an Early Bird price of US$149.00 plus shipping chargers at: After 12/7/18, it will be available at the above link for US$169.00 plus shipping charges. (All photographs from the Mu6 Press Release files and text by Rene Zamora, Reporter/Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, NV  USA).

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