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If you love street photography the South Asian country of Nepal offers unlimited opportunites to capture unique images and have a lot of fun while doing it. People in Nepal are typically quite open to being photographed and if you can't ask permission due to language barriers, everyone seems to understand if you make a gesture at your camera with an inquiring look. Often, very often in fact, your subjects want to see the photo of them that you have taken. Children in particular get excited when they see a camera and chant "one photo, one photo" as a request to take their photograph and then show it to them, it seems to be the high point of their day. 

Rarely, but sometimes, people may ask you for 100 rupees to photograph them. That's equal to about one US dollar. Around some of the temples in particular you may see a Sardhu, or holy man, easily recognizable by their costumes and painted faces, they nearly always want compensated for a photograph but they are very popular subjects for tourists and happy to pose for a small payment. 

The colors, the exotic atmosphere and sights, as well as people, that would be hard to find elsewhere await you in Nepal. Enjoy a few of street photos I've taken over the years. 


The author, Scott MacLennan, is a photojournalist in Kathmandu. 

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